Reactive Programming using Rx with Erik Meijer

On 11 February Sogyo brings you the unique and exclusive opportunity to learn reactive programming from the creator of Rx. No better way to bring your skills up to par than hands-on with Erik Meijer. The course is intended for experienced software developers who want to learn reactive programming at the highest level and all it’s intricacies. The course is not aimed at a particular programming language, although it is prefered to work in a programming language that has a Rx implementation, e.g. Java, Scala, C# or Javascript.

Become one of the first Certified Rx Developers in this special one day pilot and bring your skills up to level with the best programmers in silicon valley and get a certificate signed by Erik Meijer. (and a sticker)

The training will be at Sogyo in De Bilt at 11 februari from 9:00 till 17:00. You can bring your own device and dev environment, Wifi for internet will be available. The costs for attending this one day event are 1.000,– euro excluding VAT. Lunch and drink are included. To register contact Martijn Schuts via or call 030-2202216

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  • Reactive Programming using Rx with Erik Meijer