SDN Event: Bill Ayers - The Microsoft Graph

Alweer de vierde sessie van ons oktober event staat online, deze keer de tweede sessie van Bill Ayers getiteld "HowIt Works: The Microsoft Graph". De Microsoft Graph is de steeds verder uitbreidende API op de beschikbare Office 365 gegevens en alles wat er nog meer beschikbaar is binnen de Microsoft context.

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You can build powerful applications against Office 365 and Azure and even consumer services like using the Microsoft Graph. But how does it work, and what about the security issues? And don't forget that our users expect trouble free unobtrusive single sign-on. In this session we are going to look at the Microsoft Graph and how to use its various APIs, how we can consume them, and the troublesome area of authentication and authorization for applications using Azure AD, and show that it is not rocket science. Then we'll see how we can make use of some existing JavaScript and .NET libraries to make our job easier and avoid embarrassing security gaffes.

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  • SDN Event: Bill Ayers - The Microsoft Graph