Xamarin Multi Platform Development

In the past I wrote some applications for the Windows Phone Platform. A few of them can be even found in the store. They are not perfect, but they gave me good insight in how it works. What does a little screen mean for development and what does it need to get in the store?

The first of the list is still in the store, but I lost the code Knipogende emoticon. Even then the rules of the store are tighten a lot, so this app would not stand these current rules.

I have a app for the Windows 8 platform too. Well in fact a few more, but they are not available for download. One is a demo app for Azure Mobile Services and one is the SDN evaluation app I talked about previously. 

But anyway, I wanted to make an app for Android and iOS too. I have tried on my iMac with Xcode, but I got lost in Objective C language and could not find my way with the Apple tools. In the Microsoft world Xamarin is the environment to do it. A super tool to exploit your current skills for the other platforms.

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