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DotNetNukeWelkom op het DotNetNuke-deel van de website van het SDN. Deze sectie wordt onderhouden door Stefan Kamphuis en Erik van Ballegoij. Beiden maken zij deel uit van het DotNetNuke Team. Zij hebben veel ervaring opgedaan met DotNetNuke in professionele omgevingen.

Het doel van de DotNetNuke sectie is het bevorderen van de bekendheid van DotNetNuke binnen Nederland, het verdiepen van de kennis en natuurlijk het vegroten van het plezier dat velen nu al beleven aan DotNetNuke, of dat nu in een professionele of hobbymatige omgeving is.

2009-06 Sessiemateriaal Stefan Kamphuis - Silverlight Module
DotNetNuke, Stefan Kamphuis, 29-6-2009
Download het sessiemateriaal van de presentatie van Stefan Kamphuis.
2009-06 Sessiemateriaal Mitchel Sellers - Custom Membership Provider
DotNetNuke, Mitchel Sellers , 29-6-2009
Download het sessiemateriaal van de presentatie van Mitchel Sellers.
2009-06 Sessiemateriaal Mitchel Sellers - Custom Authentication Provider
DotNetNuke, Mitchel Sellers , 29-6-2009
Download het sessiemateriaal van de presentatie van Mitchel Sellers.
2009-06 Sessiemateriaal van Mitchel Sellers - Advanced Module Development
DotNetNuke, Mitchel Sellers, 28-6-2009
Download het sessiemateriaal van de presentatie van Mitchel Sellers.
Sessiemateriaal SDE 30 maart 2009 - Vicenç Masanas - XHTML compliant control adapters
DotNetNuke, Vicenç Masanas, 30-3-2009
Vicenç Masanas - XHTML compliant control adapters
Nieuwste artikelen
Skin Widgets in DotNetNuke
DotNetNuke, Will Strohl, Armand Datema, 12-10-2011
DotNetNuke has long had many ways to extend the application to fit your needs. This included providers, skins, modules, and more. It wasn’t until the first release of the version 5 series of DotNetNuke that there was finally a built-in and supported extension point that allowed you to extend the platform after the page loaded. This all changed with the introduction of the Skin Widget framework. Now, it was possible to do things that were previously only possible using a module or the skin itself, using JavaScript, and in most cases, the jQuery framework.
How do I do that in the DotNetNuke API?
DotNetNuke, Ernst Peter Tamminga, 4-8-2011
We (the people at my company XCESS expertise center b.v.) use DotNetNuke (DNN) for almost 8 years now, mostly for developing custom web applications. A long time I was puzzled by the fact that DNN had a large codebase, but very limited documentation for developers to orientate themselves to reuse the existing DNN code. In other words, use the DNN API.

About 3 years back, I stopped wondering and spend time to create a solution, resulting in a project on CodePlex: the DotNetNuke Developers Help File. This way, I shared our efforts with the DNN community
DotNetNuke supports Razor
DotNetNuke, Charles Nurse, 14-4-2011
On January 13th at CodeMash in Sandusky, Ohio, Microsoft introduced Razor – a new lightweight syntax for developing WebPages as part of its WebMatrix offering. In a separate article in this issue, Andrew Nurse, one of the developers who created Razor describes the motivations behind this new syntax and an overview of the syntax itself. In this article I will focus on how you can use Razor scripts in DotNetNuke 5.6.1
Developing Mobile Applications for DotNetNuke
DotNetNuke, Joe Brinkman, 29-12-2010
This past year has seen a lot of activity in the mobile space. Apple continued its string of blockbuster phone releases with iPhone 4 and added the iPad for a killer combination. Google continued a blistering pace of release after release for the Android OS, combined with what seems like a constant stream of new phones and tablet devices. And just recently Microsoft held their official launch for Windows Phone 7. All of these platforms have one thing in common: they are all heavily dependent on mobile applications.
These are but some of the many changes happening in the mobile space this year, but they all point to the same thing: mobile application development is the new gold rush. Developers who learn to develop mobile applications stand to be in large demand for many years to come as more and more businesses are looking for ways to extend their reach from the web to the phone. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, NetFlix, IMDB, Amazon, Ebay and many others are finding mobile platforms a great way to reach their target audience.
Using ASP.NET MVC to build a DotNetNuke module
DotNetNuke, Charles Nurse, 4-6-2010
Recently, Shaun Walker posted a blog in which he discussed whether DotNetNuke (DNN) should be rewritten in ASP.NET MVC. This blog created quite a stir, both within the DotNetNuke Community and within the ASP.NET Community as a whole.

In a comment that I added to Shaun’s post I suggested that the debate should not be over whether DNN should be rewritten in ASP.NET MVC (or any other framework that may come in the future), the discussion should be on “How can we enable developers to use the ASP.NET Technologies of their choice when developing extensions for DNN.” After all, if we rewrite DNN in MVC we effectively lock out WebForm developers.
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