Naam van VO.NET is nu officieel bekend gemaakt! VULCAN.NET

Van Brian ontving ik een statusrapport omtrent VOPS. Dit word binnenkort ook in de internationale VO nieuwsgroep geplaatst, maar wij hebben de
wereldpremiere. Belangrijk nieuws is ook dat de officiele naam van de VO.NET nu bekend is gemaakt, deze luidt : VULCAN.NET
As je vragen, opmerkingen ed hebt, kunnen we daarover best een draadje in de nieuwsgroep opzetten

vr. gr.
Erik Visser

Hello All,

The Visual Objects Platinum Subscription Program has been a big success.
Since we are still looking for a few more members, we thought a status update of the Visual Objects Platinum Subscription would be helpful.  We invite you to join us at VOPS by subscribing at your earliest convenience. By doing so, you have full access to all of our Visual Objects 32 builds and  all of the Vulcan .net builds so you can closely monitor our progress. More information on VOPS is available at
the first 4 months of the VOPS, the VO Development Team delivered four new builds of Visual Objects 32bit on average of once per month. These builds included fixes only available to members of VOPS.

We are committed to continue to fix bugs, maintain the VO 32 bit source and are working on upgrades to the VO32bit product. (These include, but are not  imited to New Source Code Editor, New Error Browser, and many fixes to the OLE classes.)

Our Dot Net Project, now called is progressing very nicely as well. Since the new year four VOPS builds of have been delivered
to VOPS members. is a .net compiler written from ground up. Last November in the Netherlands we showed the compiler in it's very early stages, and it was only able to produce a" hello world .net exe". We demo at the London DevFest in Februay, we where able to show fully working .net programs and the ability to step through the programs using the MS VS Debugger. In the last 2 months, very substantial progress has been made.
A complete IDE has been written in Vulcan.Net. The products author, Chris Pyrgas tells us Vulcan IDE is aprox. 13,000 lines of code. VulcanIDE is complete with source code editor and screen designer. (VulcanIDE product is still in beta, however it has been made available to all VOPS members free of charge while in beta. Thanks Chris! )
Many other examples have been written, from simple WinForms, to working with XML. New samples are being added on a regular basis.'s major components are simultaneously under development. They are.

Vulcan Compiler
VulcanDB (Data Driver)
Vulcan Runtime
AEF2PRG Utility.

When these components are finished you will be able to take, for example the standard MDI application that VO produces and compile it in with
no code changes. (yielding a .net exe)
The stated goal is to be able to take your Visual Object code and be able to compile it in Vulcan .net. We expect that we will achieve a very high rate of success in this area via the use of an export utility written in Visual Objects that will export your code into .prgs ready to be compiled in
We urge you to join VOPS. Are numbers are growing each week. If you want a look at the future of Visual Objects and Vulcan today, all you need to do is to register your copy of Visual Objects 2.7 at then visit to subscribe. You'll have access with in just a few hours of ordering.

All the best,

For the Visual Objects 32 bit & Development teams,

GrafX Software


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