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Free DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine 2010 special

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  DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine 2010 special - Powered by SDN

Last year SharePoint conference in Las Vegas has been one of the best conferences I’ve ever been. Not only was it great to meet the SharePoint Community whom for a majority I only knew from Twitter, Blogs, FaceBook or other virtual social networks but also the sessions and information shared were from a high quality. That’s where the idea was born to create the very first SharePoint eMagazine.

A free magazine for IT-Pro’s, Developers and End (power) Users and optimized to read in eReaders.

Mirjam van Olst (SharePoint MCM and MVP) and myself took the challenge to find authors who are well known in the SharePoint Community, Sponsors who are willing to advertise in this magazine so we could cover the costs and the time to read, review and edit articles next to our busy jobs. Well... the results is this magazine! Over 100 pages with information for SharePoint professionals.

Playing with SharePoint 2010 you can’t help but to get excited about all the new possibilities. Have you looked at Visio Services or the Business Intelligence possibilities with the Chart Web Part? It looks very promising! Or have you been working with data using the SharePoint Designer. Talking about data, what about the enhancements of the Business Connectivity Services (previously known as the BDC). Very awesome! Personally I like the integration of Visual Studio Tools for SharePoint. It’s so easy now to develop, debug and deploy your solutions. But there are so many new things for a developer to look at; the Client Object Model, SandBoxed Solutions, UI Customizations and the Ribbon.

"Out of the Box" is a column on how you can create business solutions in SharePoint by configuring functionality (No Code Solutions). In this issue we look at Project Management with SharePoint.

Special in this magazine is the SharePoint Comic by Dan Lewis... make sure you don't miss it!

All of this and much more you will find in this first issue of the SharePoint eMagazine. SharePoint 2010 has so much to offer, this magazine size could easily be double. Enough for a second edition.. so who knows!

A special thanks to all authors:
SharePoint 2010 Enterprise – Sjoerd van Lochem
Customizing the SharePoint Ribbon - Marianne van Wanrooij
Visual Studio Extensions - Niels Loup
Working with data in SharePoint Designer 2010- Laura Rogers
Sandboxed Solutions – Mirjam van Olst
New ECM features in SharePoint 2010 - Robert van Son
Creating new visual experiences with Visio Services - Toni Frankola
A SharePoint User eXperience - Sandra de Ridder
Introduction to the Business Connectivity Services – Nick Swan
SharePoint 2010 Client Object Models – Ton Stegeman
Understanding Identity in SharePoint 2010 - Michiel van Otegem
Happy Together in 2010! - Dux Raymond
SharePoint 2010 Chart Web Part - Agnes Molnar
Enrich your SharePoint 2010 portal by integrating SAP applications -
    Cyrille Visser , Johan Kroese and Huub Montanus
SharePointComic - Dan Lewis

I hope you enjoy this eMagazine as much as we did putting it together and that this will help you getting ready for SharePoint 2010!

Marianne van Wanrooij
Lead Editor

Download SharePoint eMagazine - Hi resolution 23MB Download SharePoint eMagazine for eReader - pdf 13MB


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